Sunday, 28 October 2012

Working Overtime

So in the week just gone by life got a lot busier.
I started my job at Sunshine Village Resort in Banff, Canada. This has meant getting up at 6am, its still dark outside and at the moment anywhere between -5 & -10 degrees Centigrade but that will gradually get colder as we get further into the winter.  Generally I am getting home about 5.30pm knackered from a day stomping around in deep powder snow and learning my new job (I actually think this has been tiring me out more, have you ever taken a dog to discipline training, it sparks them out more than any physical session!)
Anyway, I know that these aren't the longest working day in the world and I am not looking for sympathy but the change in pace, the learning and the altitude have taken their toll on my energy levels a bit.
If you look at the previous post you will see that I took an unscheduled rest day on Thursday, this was because I felt that my body needed the recovery from my first full day working up on the mountain and that I just wouldn't have got a productive session done.

With that said I didn't like having a rest day when I wasn't meant to, I think it was the right decision but mentally it made me feel shitty and frustrated.

Around the same time I came across this video of Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about his early training life during his time in the army.  I had no idea about this part of his life and the attitude he demonstrated really spoke out to me.  Now I am not personally interested in body building and previously I had kind of looked down on Schwarzenegger's achievements because of his use of steroids but after watching this video I saw that a lot of that is beside the point.  Here is a man that has really worked hard for what he has achieved in life, he has overcome multiple obstacles and got the necessary work done. The lesson learnt from this experience in his life is one that he feels he carried over as a blueprint for all his future endeavours and I think it is one that many people, regardless of their goals, can learn from too. It is well worth a watch.

The message is fantastic.  If you want to achieve something, don't listen to the nay-sayers! But you are going to have to work hard, harder than everyone else.  That is how greatness is achieved, step by step with consistent hard work.  There will be many obstacles but if you want it, YOU CAN DO IT!
Sadly many people won't.  They want overnight success, they want a pill they can take to melt away the fat or build the body of their dreams.  Quite simply, they don't want to work hard for it.

Below is another great video from Schwarzenegger talking about hard work and focus.

With that in mind here is the conditioning session that I put myself through today:
Hang Power Cleans x 5 (60kg)
Press ups x 10
Skipping Double unders x 15
x 10 minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible)        I completed 6 rounds


1 DB Snatch x 2 per side (50lbs / 22.5kg)
Sprawl Burpees x 6
x 10 minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible)       I completed 12 rounds

I could go out tonight and party with some the other guys but I know I have to get up tomorrow at 6am, work a whole day (doing the best job I can do) and then hit the gym hard for a strength session.  So I am not drinking, going to bed early and resting up.  You want something? make the scarifies and work hard for it.

Train hard, live happy.

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