Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The next challenge

This marks the first post of my new blog, and the beginning of a new training challenge for me.

The story so far...
So I have been working as a Personal Trainer in a commercial gym for the last 3 years, training a wide variety of clients with different goals, abilities and time restrictions.
Personally my main training focus for the last few years has been improving my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

An average weeks worth of training for me will include:
3 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions
1 Wrestling / No-gi session
1 Judo session
2-3 Strength sessions
1 General fighting conditioning session

But, that is all about to change!

I am moving to Canada for the next 7-12 months to work a ski season and to learn how to snowboard and/or ski.  It has been my ambition to live and work in Canada for years but it does mean leaving behind my BJJ team mates at Carlson Gracie Camberley, my gym, my clients and my coaches.

This is where my new challenge comes in.

While I am keen to embrace this new experience and all that comes with it (I know there will be many temptations to abuse my body) I still want to maintain the physical abilities and skills that I have spent so long developing. I am going to use this blog to chart my progress.

My goals are:
- Maintain my 'sharpness' & skills in BJJ and Olympic lifting
- Improve my Gymnastic skills (mainly Front & Back levers, Handstands, Muscle ups & Planche holds)
- Improve my fitness (using a few benchmark workouts to measure this by)
- At least maintain my strength in core lifts such as Deadlift, Bench, Squats & Pull ups

I will post more details in future post but for now, enjoy the ride.

Train hard, live happy!

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  1. You forgot to add becoming British Downhill Ski champion ! What's wrong with you .......:o)