Monday, 22 October 2012

Staying sharp

Today was my scheduled rest day and I decided to take the opportunity to run through some solo BJJ drills to try and keep myself sharp.

After a bit of advice from my team mates back home I decided to run through the drills in this video

After a warm up and some dynamic stretches I ran through each drill (except 1-2) for about 1 minute each.
I only had a small exercise mat in the local gym to work on but it felt good to go through some BJJ specific movements and get my body warm and moving after 3 heavy days of training.

I am going to try and incorporate a few of the drills into every session I do and then run through a more comprehensive drilling session on each of my recovery days.  Obviously I will keep searching for new drills to incorporate into the routine.  Also as I get more confident I hope to start to flow the exercises together rather than working through them individually, that way I can do 6 minute rounds of flowing BJJ drills.

It's not perfect and it certainly doesn't take the place of drilling and sparring with a partner but its better than nothing and it should keep the cobwebs off.

Now, in this specific case I am training for BJJ but this general principal can be applied to pretty much any sport.  If you want to succeed then there is always something you can practise hone to hone your skills.  If you are inventive enough then you can always find SOMETHING to do, even if you are on your own with little or no equipment.  Give it a try.

Keep training hard!


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