Friday, 19 October 2012

Tunnel vision

Hey Bad-asses!

So yesterday was my rest day, no heavy training but a group of us went for a hike. Nice little recovery and a good way to scope out today's session.

Following on from my last post about Benchmark sessions I decided to try out a new cardio benchmark session.  At the edge of Banff town is Tunnel Mountain, a 1.8km trail with a total elevation of 1,690m.
Today I ran it, it took me 20min 25 sec to reach the top and I got back down to the bottom in a total of 35min 19 sec.  It was tough going and my pace did slow considerably on a few of the ascents but I think I will be able to bring my time down over the next few months (especially considering that I was carrying a Camelbak belt with water, bear spray and an air horn - safety first!).

Obviously during the depths of winter I may not be able to get up the trail but as discussed in my previous post, it will still work as a benchmark session, all-be-it one that I wont be able to repeat as regularly as I would like.

I may adjust the session to only measure the ascent to the top as I don't want to try and descend any quicker than I did today because of the strain it puts on the knees running downhill.

If you don't happen to have a convenient mountain near you then try repeating hill sprints on a small incline.
See how many you can do in 20 minutes, then next time try and beat it. Why not?!

Train hard, live happy

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