Monday, 15 October 2012

Finding my feet

So here I am in Banff. My first couple of days have mainly been spent walking around town and the surrounding national park getting my barrings. Nutrition wise it has not been strong, lots of white carbs, not much fruit & veg and a few cheap, fatty discount meals from bars.  This was inevitable and the real trick was always going to be finding a routine as quickly as possible.

With that in mind I have already signed up to the local sports centre.  As well as a small gym there is also a swimming pool, basketball / 5-a-side court and an indoor climbing wall (a real unexpected bonus).
I did my first session the in the gym today, I stuck to strength work, working with fairly high reps and with a fairly basic format.

1. 1 DB Snatch 4x5 per side + 1x3 per side
2. Deadlift 4x12
3a. BB Overhead press 3x10
3b. Side to side Pull ups 3x10
4. Standing rotations (using the bar attachment on a cable stack) 3 x 10 per side

I will have to check the altitude different here because this simple workout had me feeling pretty shitty towards the end.  I however suspect it was the poor nutritional intake over the last few days.

I also got a lift to Canmore (the next town over) to check out the Canmore Fight Club, which is where I am hoping to train BJJ 1-2x a week. Unfortunately no-one was answering so I am going to have to chase them via email to get more info from them and to work out the logistics of getting there regularly.

Anyway.  Lots of ideas about future sessions and training options are running through my head now but I will keep them for future posts.

If people are interested drop a comment below and I will put up some info on the rational behind the session I did tonight (there should always be a plan, unstructured training is more likely to end in unproductive training).

Train Hard, live happy

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