Thursday, 18 October 2012

Maintenance continues

Here is my workout from Tuesday. General strength maintenance again (same as yesterday).
Starting with a more powerful movement for lower reps to get the fast twitch muscle fibres going.
Then high rep strength endurance work utilising basic compound movements and finishing off with a couple of Gymnastic Fundamental Static Position (FPS) exercises as found in 'Building the Gymnastic Body', great  for all over body & core strength.

1. Hang Power Cleans 3-4 x 5 (about 75-80% 5RM)

2. DB Step ups 3 x 12 per side

3a. DB Chest press 3 x 10-12
3b. 2DB Bent over Row 3 x 10-12

4a. L-sit hold (dips bars) 5 x submax (10 sec average)
4b. Advanced Frog stands 5 x submax

Again, any questions, drop a comment below.

Keep training hard!

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