Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Rocky Story

Hey guys.

Thought I would share this video about the real story behind how Stallone got Rocky made.
Simply put it is incredible.

A great lesson in self belief and dedication to achieving your goals.

Obviously this story is on quite a big level but it does happen everyday, people work hard at something, they make scarifies, they show dedication and eventually they achieve their goals.  It doesn't always look glamorous because it can be a day-to-day grind but if you really want to achieve something then its worth paying the price.

Last weekend one of my team mates at Carlson Gracie Camberley went to the English Open and won Gold in his division.  It's a competition he has done for 4 year running but never previously got the gold.  2 years ago he had a rough run at the competition and briefly contemplated giving up Jiu-Jitsu but he didn't.  He set his mind on the Gold and worked hard and consistently to get it.

Similarly I know an amateur Power Lifter who broke his neck last year.  After a long lay off from training he still had issues when he came back to training (he struggled to do press ups because of a loss of strength through one shoulder).  He didn't make excuses though. He trained regularly and smartly, putting in hard work week after week and yesterday he achieved one of his goals of pulling a 200kg Deadlift.

You want it?
Go and get it.
It might not be easy and it defiantly won't happen overnight.
You want it? Do it.

Train hard, Live happy

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