Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Change and adapt

Hey Guys & Girls,

There is a lot of training related information and thoughts running through my head right now so I will try and keep this concise.

Firstly, over the last couple of days I have continued my usual training routine (workout detailed below) but with one great addition. I have found someone to do BJJ drills with.  We have managed to figure out where we can get some decent mats in the local gym and have already done a couple of sessions running through basic movements.

It feels great to do some skills practice again and I hope that we can continue with regular drilling, I also hope that we can get at least 1 or 2 others training regularly and eventually introduce light sparring too.  Very exciting (especially as at the moment there doesn't seem to be much chance of me getting to the nearest BJJ school).

On top of the BJJ drills I have, since my last post done another strength session:

1. Hang Power Cleans 4 x 4 (about 55kg)

2. Front Squats 4 x 10 (about 55-60kg)

3a. Back lever 5 x submax (flat tuck and attempted straddle)
3b. Front lever 5 x submax (straddle)

As you can see I have adjusted my strength training slightly, moving the reps down (from around 12 to around 10) and increasing the weight.
I was also very happy to have partially achieved a straddle position in the back lever.

If you are unfamiliar with Back Levers then check out this video (it doesn't actually include a straddle as one of its progressions but it comes in between the 'advance/flat tuck' and the 'bent knee' variations.

I have been doing more research to try to come up with a better programme for myself.  I try to research in chunks as there is a lot of information out there and it can get very confusing.  Also, you have to consider that a lot of the information and advice being given might not be specific to your goals.  In particular I have been looking in a bit more detail at the Conjugate method (as made famous by West Side Barbell.

I won't get into the details as I am far from an authority on the subject but if you want to look it up then it definitely wouldn't be a waste of your time.

The point of this is that I am constructing a new programme template for myself.
I always intended that the current basic template (which I have been detailing so far on this blog) would be temporary, until I got settled.

I intend to spend a few more weeks on this template to allow myself time to get into a proper pattern with my new job, establish how tired and achy I am going to be once I start snowboarding regularly and determine other key factors, such as: how often I can meet with a training partner for BJJ drills, how much time I will have in the evenings to train, how tired I will be from a full day working on the mountain etc.

However, in the mean time I am going to try and add a bit more variety to the selection of exercises that I use with my current template.  So keep reading.

Train hard, live happy.

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