Thursday, 15 November 2012

BJJ Kimonos / Gi's

Hey Guys and Girls (especially the fighters amongst you)

Just a quick one.  If you train BJJ or No-Gi grappling then I highly recomment this website.

They stock a lot of Keiko kit.
I have a Keiko Gi myself and I can highly recommend them, they are very high quality but until now have been quite hard to get hold of in the UK.

They also stock IBJJF standard No-Gi competition tops which you need for most No-Gi tournaments.

Bit of a plug I know, but for any BJJ Kimonos (Gi's), sweet Gi material kit bags, shorts and street wear then check it out.

More training info coming soon guys

Train hard, live happy

p.s. - I will not benefit financially if you buy anything from this website, I just believe that they offer great kit at very decent prices.