Friday, 19 April 2013

Never Gymless

Hi Guys & Girls,

So a lot has been going on in past couple of weeks.

Firstly, it is time to move onto the next phase of this blog.  I will be returning back to England in less than 2 months.  Up until this point I have been using this blog as a means to give you guys an insight into my training by updating my training diary online.  From the feedback I have got I know that this has been well received, however from this point on (and for the foreseeable future) I will not be posting details of each of my training sessions on this blog.

Instead I will use this blog to post general information on my own training, I will also be featuring more posts discussion specific aspects of training technique, methods and frequently asked questions.  I also intend to keep posting inspirational stories and achievements in the world of training and athletics.

My aim is always to provide useful and informative posts for all you guys and girls that read this, so keep reading and leave feedback comments below.

So... My gym membership expired last week and to save money I do not intend to re-new it until the last month of my time here in Banff.  However, this provides a great opportunity to get creative with training at home and outdoors.

All I have is my own body, some gymnastic rings and some resistance bands.

In my next post I will put up some sample sessions that I have been through, to give you some ideas but the main point is this...
...With enough knowledge, determination and creativity there is no reason that any athlete NEEDS a gym in order to accomplish their physical goals.

I work with many clients outside of the gym using very low tech, basic kit (if any) and the results are fantastic.  Don't be fooled into thinking that you need all the latest equipment and fancy training environments to get brilliant results.  If you have never worked with me before and are in doubt then drop me a message and I will be happy to take you through a complementary session, no fancy gym, just the stuff that works and gets results!

Train hard, live happy

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