Sunday, 21 April 2013

Inspiration from Tom Hafey

Below is a video of ex Aussie Rules Football player and coach Tom Hafey.

The video is an advert for Jeep but actually contains some fantastic words of wisdom.

Though the advert makes him out to be 70 years old, Tom was actually close to 80 when this was filmed.

Having looked up some information on Tom, his physical routine is very simple.  He gets up early to run, swim and do basic bodyweight exercises like press ups and sit ups.  Then after that he returns home to his breakfast of porridge, fruit and tea.

There are no fancy secrets here: no amazing supplements, no fancy equipment or complicated routines, just effort performed with regularity and sensible food.

Now I am not knocking advanced training plans, the use of exercise equipment or supplements, I make use of all of these things.  Its just that people can lose sight of what is really important.  Some people argue constantly over the most effective training programs, what is and isn't safe and so on.

Then there are people, like Tom, who just get out there regularly and put effort into making themselves better. That's it.

Get that right first, put the effort in consistently and then you can worry about what the best combinations of exercises is, or how many calories of carbohydrates you should consume post workout.  However by that point you will probably be beyond caring because you will be fitter and healthier.

As a Personal Trainer there are some people with whom I need to get very specific when it comes to exercise choice, if they are competing in particular sports, working through re-hab or have special health considerations.  However with most people what I work on is getting them exercising regularly, getting them enjoying movement and giving them a sense of achievement and progress.

So if exercise isn't part of your day-to-day and you want to still be active and healthy at 80, like Tom, drop me a message and we can get you back to living.

"If it is to be, it is up to ME"

Train hard, live happy

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