Monday, 3 June 2013

Back to business soon & some inspiration

Hi Guys & Girls.

First of all I want to apologise for not having posted here for a while.
The winter season in Banff is over and I was busy moving out of my house there and since then I've been travelling around some of the west coast of Canada.

However I've found some time to do a little exercise, not as much as ideal, but you work with what you've got.  Here I am busting out some Back Levers in a park in Vancouver.

Anyway. I will be back in England later this week, back to training hard, updating this blog regularly and offering my PT services to those in the Camberley area (so drop me a line and we can get a date booked in the diary).

In the meantime here is a video that I have watched multiple over the last few years.  It's a commercial but it's message is very simple and valuable.

It's easy to look at those at the top of their game, those who are doing the things that we aspire to be able to do and start making excuses as to why we aren't achieving as much.  The thing that most people don't see is the hours of dedication, sacrifice and work that goes into getting those people to where they are.

It is so easy to give up when it starts getting tough, it's easy to think "Maybe it's just not meant to be!" but don't forget, everyone that has achieved something great, especially when it comes to training and physical fitness, has done so because they KEPT WORKING AT IT!

So don't give up!

Stay focused, stay hungry for it and keep putting in the work.  The rewards will come.

Remember, if you want to achieve those goals it is my job to show you the most efficient ways to do it,
it's my job to help keep you focused and motivated,
and perhaps most importantly, it's my job to make the process more fun!
So drop me a line and we can start getting you to where you want to be, what have you got to lose?!

See you soon guy & girls, until then...

Train hard, live happy

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