Saturday, 5 January 2013

Inspiration from Felipe Costa

Hi Guys & Girls

Below is a video about BJJ fighter Felipe Costa.

In it he discusses his route to becoming World, European and Brazilian Champion at Roosterweight.
He didn't have instant success, he wasn't a prodigy, in fact for the first four years of his BJJ career he didn't win a single fight.

He overcame multiple failure and built himself back up time and again, mentally and technically, to achieve his goal.

Even if BJJ is not your sport I believe there is value here as Felipe discusses some of his insights into training and competing.

"Your mind is trying to make you do whatever is easier.
It's easier to sit on the couch and watch TV, than it is to get your Gi and go and sweat on the mat"

"You have to say, I'm not giving up now.
I'm going to go after this, I'm going to try hard, I'm going to go until the last minute"

"And when you don't put so much pressure on yourself, the results are going to come,
whether it is the gold medal or not, but you are going to be a happier person.
I think that has to be the main goal"

Train hard, Live happy

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